Welcome to ZooM’s!

Zoom Catering was founded by two mothers (Martina & Zhenya) with a passion for cooking who saw a need for nutritious and diverse meal options.


Zoom Catering NY offers:

  • Lunch program
  • Kids ($8.00) and adult size ($10.50) lunches and dinners to take home. Please view our MENU page.
  • Cooking classes with kids
  • Homemade Eastern European inspired baked goods

Zoom’s basic principles

  • We focus on sustainable ingredients and compostable materials for the benefit of our children and the environment
  • Our meals are made from scratch using fresh ingredients.
  • And the components of our food are either USDA organic, locally sourced, Non-GMO and antibiotic free, or a combination of everything

For more information and details, please email us at zoomcater@gmail.com


  • Via Quickpay, use our email address: zoomcater@gmail.com
  • Or, we welcome any chance to see you in person!